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Thread: Crosman C31 repair in Toronto?

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    Sat Nov 10 2012

    Crosman C31 repair in Toronto?

    I purchased a Crosman C31 air pistol about a year ago that jammed. I tried to fix it myself and now can't put it back together unfortunately. Does anyone know of any place in Toronto (or elsewhere in Canada) that can fix it?

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    Not worth fixing- in my view- the pistol itself is worth about $50.00 brand new ($59.99 'kit' online, remove the value of the holster and you're left with about $50.00)- you will pay that amount or more to ship it, have it repaired and sent back to you. If you have a friend who can do it for free or you can figure it out on your own, you're good, otherwise it's likely time to retire it, permanently.
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    There is a field stripping vidio on u tube if that helps

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