Well the show was a success
We had 11 tables with 30 to 40 visitors.
All the door prizes were given out, there were enough items that everyone who was still at the show was able to pick their own prize! The generosity of those who gave the items was unbelievable! Thank you, Airgun Eric, Sniper Dan, DerekVinyard and Pactoo!

Also a big thanks to montec75, ScottC, reaezor, jgoodz420, Cadeau, Garnet, Dave for running the bar and my Wife Dionne for making the burgers!
Im sure there are some more names here but without all of you the show would not have worked out.

Everyone at the show seemed satisfied and the club would like to see this again.
So vendors start thinking of a date that will work for you all and we can go from there.