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Thread: Hello from Delhi

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    Hello from Delhi

    Just registered . Thought I'd say hello to everyone . See some of the posts are older , but just working my way around the site . Anyway I'm newer to air gunning and am starting out with some target shooting . Then I plan to do a little hunting for squirrels , rabbits . See how things go from there as there is an interest in maybe doing some competition shooting in an amateur class , should there be a place close by or listings of events .

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    Hello, welcome to the forum.

    This place was put up years ago when there were a number of issues with Canada and other forums. However, Facef$&k has killed off alot of online forums over time- which is unfortunate as it is very poor at keeping related information grouped together and has no proper archive-type format. So, traffic here is fairly low (there may be alot of lurkers, but not a lot of posters)...
    I'd say I care- but I'd probably be lying...

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