I am pleased to announce that Al Nelson at NOE has made Body Sizing Bushings available in airgun cailbers for his Universal Push Through Sizing Die.... These are in addition to, and smaller than, the wide range of Powderburner Body Sizing Bushings he already has in the NOE Store.... The following sizes are available, in 0.001" increments....

.22 cal Airgun - 0.216 to 0.223" .... http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/index.php?cPath=104_411
.22 cal PB - 0.224 to 0.228"

.25 cal Airgun - 0.249 to 0.256" ..... http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/index.php?cPath=104_412
.25 cal PB - 0.257 to 0.260"

.30 cal Airgun - 0.299 to 0.307" .... http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/index.php?cPath=104_413
.30 cal PB - 0.308 to 0.316"

These Sizing Bushings fit NOE's Universal Push Through Sizing Die.... http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/product...oducts_id=2415
Using replaceable bushings is much less expensive that having to purchase the entire die each time, and allows you to have incremental sizes to obtain the best performance when using bullets in your gun.... without having to order and wait for expensive custom made sizing dies..... The die fits in any standard press, such as the inexpensive Lee, and if you already have a Lee base push-through pin (push rod) in the caliber you need, you can use that as well....

Saving the best part to the last, NOE has a 20% off sale going this week.... Code # 02761812 ....

Many thanks to Al for his continued support of the airgunning community, and bringing much needed products to market for us.... Happy 4th, Al !!!