Greetings to everyone from the crew at The Greater Toronto Airgun Club (GTAC)

This is primarily aimed at introducing ourselves to the many new members here on Canadian Airguns who may live in or visit the the GTA.

We are coming to the end of the first quarter of our second year and unfortunately we have fewer members this time last year.

So perhaps a little PR is due.

We have several levels of membership available; for full, seasonal, student, family and visitor packs available to fit budget and circumstance. We provide a safe, legal, environment for year round indoor airgun shooting, fellowship, and swapping equipment and big stories about little groups! We will be glad to work out payment terms as well.

We use paper and reactive targets and allow almost any kind of airgun pellet or bb rifles and pistols on the range. There is lot of giggling when things go bang up range and get hit down range! 50 feet down range.

We also offer safety training and outdoor range days for members, guests and friends of GTAC.

More events and training opportunities are being planned and ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

So spread the word and check us out.