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Thread: Buying online stateside?

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    Thu Jul 31 2014

    Buying online stateside?

    Is it even worth importing a airgun that requires a PAL online?

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    Most online US vendors won't ship "PAL" rated product to Canada. For the few that do- you need to be sure all the license paperwork is attached (i.e. they have no idea what to do, so you would need to instruct them), and as a result of it being "regulated" product for Canada you can pretty much be guaranteed you will end up paying duties, taxes and a brokerage fee on it to get it over.
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    Thu Jul 31 2014
    Sounds like more trouble than it's worth, thanks

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    Sun Mar 27 2016
    Not sure where you live in relation to the border, but since you can walk into a shop and simple buy it over the counter and bring it back yourself, that may be a easier way to do it. I cross the border all the time and it's easy to do any paperwork if you know what you need. Since you would have to "TEACH" the us shipper about what paperwork you need them to fill out and how to do it, you would already be the expert.
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